The Fastest way to street readiness.

Although Gracie Jiu Jitsu consists of over 600 techniques, there are 36 techniques that have proven to be more successful than all the others combined. Originally developed for the U.S. Army, the Gracie Combatives programme is entirely dedicated to the mastering of these 36 essential techniques. You don’t need any experience to enrol in this programme. Just follow our 3-step process with dedication and determination and you’re well on your way towards earning you blue belt.

Step 1: Learn the Techniques

The 36 Gracie Combatives techniques are taught over 23 one-hour classes, so that you can complete the course at your own pace. Upon registration, we will issue you with a Gracie Combatives Card (for tracking your individual progress) and a monthly Gracie Combatives Calendar (showing you which techniques will be taught on each day).

Step 2: Develop Your Reflexes

Once you’ve completed each the 23 Gracie Combatives lessons twice, you qualify for the Reflex Development Classes, where we use a revolutionary training process called Dynamic Reflex Development™ to build your reflexes in the execution of all 36 techniques, in every possible combination and at various levels of intensity.

Step 3: Earn Your Combatives Belt

Once you’ve completed all the Gracie Combatives lessons three times and have developed your reflexes, you may take the Combatives belt qualification test.