FREE Seminar & Year-end Newsletter

FREE Seminar & Social - Saturday 14 December 10am-2pm
Bullyproof Holiday Club - Tuesdays & Thursdays 5.15pm-6pm 10 December- 19 December (Saturday Junior Grapplers continues as per normal)
Academy Year-End Closure - Closing Saturday 21 December 12noon after Open Mat
Academy opening 2020 - Monday 6 January 6.15pm Combatives Class
Kids Classes 2020 Start - Monday 13 January 5pm Black Belt Club
FREE Seminar & Social
As has been announced a few times in class over the past few weeks, this Saturday 14 December James will be teaching a FREE 2 hour seminar as a thank you to all our members for your support, we'll then have a Bring & Braai Social at the academy straight after.  
The seminar is open to all Black Belt Club, Combatives, Women Empowered & Master Cycle Students.
We'd love to have you all sharing the mat with us, Master Cycle & Black Belt Club students are to please wear full GI, Combatives & Women Empowered students please wear GI Pants and T-Shirt or Rashguard with your belts. 
Seminar 10am-12noon
Bring & Braai Social 12noon - 2pm
We'll supply paper plates & Serviettes as well as wood for the braais in the parking lot and make arrangements with Jokers Bar next door for you to be able to buy your drinks there and bring your glasses back when you're finished please bring your own meats & salads.
Kids Classes holiday times:
From this week we will be consolidating the kids classes for all Little Champs, Junior Grapplers & Black Belt Club into a Bullyproof Holiday Club:
Tuesday's & Thursdays 5.15pm-6pm 
Saturday 9am-9.45am
During this Bullyproof holiday club we'll be covering a few techniques outside of our normal curriculum.
This program will run till the end of next week (ending 21 Dec).
All kids classes will be back to normal from 13 January 2020
Please keep an eye on our website for a Kids Class calendar that you'll be able to download and keep up to date on class times.  From next year we'll also be loading a full class Schedule for kids classes allowing you to see which techniques they'll be learning when so you can then watch the lessons again on Gracie University so they can practice at home if they wish.
Movement & Mobility Class:
Nick's Movement & Mobility classes on Wednesday evenings has been very well attended this year, we are very grateful for him making time for this is in his very busy schedule especially now as a new dad!
This Wednesday 11 December will be the last class of the year with a nice de-stressing Yoga Flow.
We'll continue with this class again on the 15th of January 2020.
Official Training Attire Reminder:
In June 2018 an email went out to all members advising that we would soon be enforcing the Gracie White GI Policy and encouraged all members to please replace their current colour GI's with a white GI.  We have been a bit relaxed with this in the past as good quality White GI's were not easy to find, we have now had Fulcrum GI's available in store for over a year offering reduced prices to Gracie members.  As a Gracie Jiu Jitsu Certified training centre we are constantly pressured by Gracie University HQ to ensure that all our students wear official attire as is enforced with all certified training centres around the world.  From 2020 we would like all members to please ensure they are dressed accordingly when they come to class as we will no longer be allowing street or gym wear on the mat. 
Official Attire per program as follows:
Little Champs & Junior Grapplers - White GI Pants & Navy Blue Gracie T-Shirt (until we receive our next batch of official T-Shirts Navy T-shirt with no images or branding will be allowed)
Black Belt Club - Full White GI
Combatives - White GI Pants & Black or Navy Blue T-Shirt or Rashguard
Women Empowered - GI Pants or Spats with shorts over and T-Shirt or Rashguard
Master Cycle - Full White GI
Master Cycle No-GI - GI Pants or Fight Shorts, If you wish to wear Spats then shorts must be worn over them. Rashguard to be worn, no T-Shirts or sleeveless vests allowed.
If Little Champs, Junior Grapplers or Combatives students have a full GI then please wear it, full GI is only enforced for Black Belt Club & Master Cycle. 
All members are to please wear their belts to every class.
Should you be needing a new white GI for 2020, you can order directly through last order for the year is being placed tomorrow 10 Dec for delivery by the end of the year.
Gracie Members Prices as follows:
Fulcrum Feather Adult - R1750
Fulcrum Fundamental (entry level starter GI) Adult - R1500
Thank you
A huge thank you to each and every one of your for making 2019 such a successful year looking forward to an incredible 2020! 
We look forward to spending time with you all on the mat on Saturday :)
Warm Regards
The Gracie Cape Town Team

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