4th Quarter News

With 2017 rapidly coming to a close, we have a few updates and dates for you to take note of.


Critical Water Shortage:

Effective immediately we are forced to ban the use of the showers at the academy and to minimize the usage of the washing machine, we are no longer able to provide a towel service.  Please ensure that you bring your own towel and then take it home with you, we have done our best to continue providing these services to you during the water crisis but the center management is now clamping down hard.  Thank you for your understanding in this matter.


Roll-a-thon 23&24 September – Cancer Fundraiser

Thank you so very much to all who came along to support and to those who rolled – it was a Huge success!  We received the last of the individuals sponsorships bringing us to a cash total of R39,000 raised, we have split that between Juan Poerstamper and Derek Palterman giving them each R19,500!

The corporate sponsorships going directly to Stepping Stone Hospice is currently at R21,000 with another large sponsor still being finalized.


We know we said in the early hours of the morning it’ll have to be another 5 years till we do this again, but now that we’ve caught up on sleep and our bodies have recovered, we’re ready to do another one next year… watch this space!

We have a Medium Rollathon T-Shirt at R240 and an XL Rollathon Hoodie at R350 for sale, please email admin@graciejiujitsu.co.za if you want to buy it.


Saturday 21 October 12.30pm-2pm Gracie Games Day:

If your child is in Little Champs or Junior Grapplers they would have received a yellow or white Gracie Games points sheet a few weeks ago to earn their points on the Manners Chapter.  If these forms have not yet been brought in, please bring them along tomorrow.  Please ensure that you sign your child in when you drop them off on one of the clipboards in reception.  Black Belt Club students are welcome to join regardless, they no longer need to collect points to attend.


Saturday 28 October 1-3pm – Free Women Empowered Seminar:

This seminar is completely booked up, if you have booked and will no longer be attending, please urgently let us know, we have a long waiting list.  We have opened up bookings for the next Free Women Empowered seminar on 27 January, these places are filling up quickly too, so don’t delay in booking through the Wellness Living website.


Saturday 11 November 10am-12.30pm Tag Team Tournament & Belt Ceremony:

We all had so much fun at the Tag-Team Tournament before our Belt Ceremony in May that we have decided to do it again.  To participate please grab a name card in reception and pick your team, Black Belt Club kids are encouraged to participate as well as Combatives students with 2 stripes or more. If you aren’t keen on participating in the Tag-Team Tournament, please come along and support, we have quite a few stripes and belts being awarded to Master Cycle students.


Wellness Living Bookings & Rewards:

The final tweaking of the new student management system will be done by the end of this weekend. From Monday onwards, please log into the system check that your details are correct with your date of birth, correct telephone number, male/female etc. You are then encouraged to book yourself into classes. We are working on a rewards system whereby you’ll earn points every time you book into class, attend a class and write a review. Once you’ve written a review the emails requesting you to write a review will stop. The top 3 students with the highest points accumulated by the end of the year will get a free private with James in the new year.


BullyProof Summer Camp December:

We will be running a 4 day BullyProof Summer camp in the December Holidays, exact dates and price will be announced in the next few weeks.  We have had 2 very successful Bullyproof Workshops during the school holidays in July and again earlier this month.  Open from 6 years and older, working on techniques beyond the current syllabus, this is not to be missed. This will be open to our current students as well as kids who have never done Jiu Jitsu before, so if you have visitors from out of town who have kids who’d be interested they are welcome to attend. Please get in touch with us if you are interested so we can keep you informed.


December Holiday Closure dates:

Last day 2017 – 23 December finishing with open mat 11am-12noon.

First day 2018 – 8 January starting with the Women Empowered class at 9am.

All kids and adult classes will run as per normal right up until we close on the 23rd of December 2017.

Master Cycle students please keep following on social media for open mat times during our closed period.

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