Special Programs

Street Extreme Combatives (SEC)

In our lives most fights or attacks are best resolved using Gracie Jiu Jitsu. However there are some more extreme violent encounters (eg multiple attackers, weapons are involved) where a more offensive solution may be required. This is where Street Extreme Combatives becomes essential for survival.

Commonly known as Close Quarter Combat, Combatives or Close Quarter Battle, this fighting system is the foundation of all Military unarmed combat training.

In SEC we take you from pre attack situations (how to manage unknown contacts, avoidance and awareness, otherwise known as 'soft skills') through in-fight 'hard skills' (generating super impact strikes, cover drills to stay upright and conscious and creating the winning mindset) into post incident skills to bring your adrenaline levels back down to normal.

These are the skills used by Special Forces and Elite Law Enforcement members around the world to stay alive in the day to day encounters of extreme violent and stressful situations.

Private classes by appointment, contact the Academy for details.

Ladies Self Defence

It would be true to say that there is no difference between ladies and mens self defence. However, we believe that due to the physical attributes of woman and the circumstances surrounding attacks on woman that there is value in taking a slightly different approach. Our Ladies Self Defence program is designed to avoid getting into a situation where women need to be defending themselves and if they do it should be all about getting space to run away.

In our 2.5 hour workshops we give ladies a plan. Starting with great skills of recognising the potential problems, not giving the criminal the opportunity to attack and giving themselves permission to take action, to taking that action and using very basic and easy to use techniques to create space to exit.

Ladies Self Defence will give you confidence to not look like a victim, give you a plan to follow in an attack situation and the skills to come out of and escape the situation safely.