New Belts and Stripes given at March Belt ceremony 25

On the 7th of March 2015 we had the first in-house tournament & belt ceremony in our new academy. The tourney was possibly the best turned out so far, with around 30 competitors.† We had 6 ladies competing in the white/blue belt division making it the biggest female division to date. I was blown away by the level of Jiu Jitsu shown in the menís white belt division and the blue belt division as always was very entertaining with some great match ups.† Everyone did legendary, showing real heart and good humour and playfulness at all times. The competitors were having so much fun that myself and the Purple Belts who were taking turns refereeing, felt like we were missing out.† So we decided to join in the fun with Rob, Anton & Pierre playing tag taking turns to roll with and smash me for 10 minutes.

Well done to all who competed, hopefully in the next one we will see even more competitors and maybe even have a purple belt category.

The Belt Ceremony saw 9 students promoted to Blue Belt, a few stripes were given to deserving Blue Belts and Purple belts were awarded to Ronald Dalmacia, Shalendra Singh and Tyrone Beck Ė huge congratulations to you all.† Keep turning up and the belts will come!

Belt Ceremony 1

Belt Ceremony 2

Belt Ceremony 3

Belt Ceremony 4