What’s going on in StreetSmart? 25

Late in 2014, ADT our biggest client, asked us to change the program to be the first of it’s kind, taught to Armed Response, to include new techniques and concepts in Situational Awareness, Force Continuum with regards to weapon use and weapon transition. As a result, the program became a 4 day course and is now taught to ADT staff throughout South Africa. In addition to this, the program is currently being made into a SESSETA program and in an ideal world will become a nationwide standard for all Armed Response and Law Enforcement. 

In addition to the ADT success, STREETSMART won our first Anti Poaching Training contract with a private park. Not just any park but one of the most prestigious private reserves in the country. The course went swimmingly well, it was fairly hard going living in a tent with Craig (frogman) Moore for 2 weeks, but the rangers went from being experienced rangers to a paramilitary unit in 2 weeks. During the course, we taught the students everything from, arrest procedures and unarmed combat, to fire and movement if under attack, vehicle check points, patrolling, crime scene management and much more. Craig got to shoot a 308 bolt action rifle, which took him back to his days in the second world war and a 9mm pistol, which just took him back. Along with the other Anti Poaching contracts we have, I see this year being a little crazy.

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