Helio Gracie 100 Anniversary Celebration 01

6:15 - 7:55

Helio Gracie 100

One Hundred years ago on the 1st of October 1913 a child was born.  This, however, wasn’t just any ordinary child;  no, this child was destined to be Great and Great he was.  Some people know him as “Caxinguele” or “Squirrel” but most of us are more familiar with the name Helio Gracie.

Helio Gracie was one of the very first sports hero in Brazilian history and was named Sportsman of the Year in 1990. Helio started instructing at the age of 16 and this was due to the fact that Carlos, showed up late to teach a class, so Helio started teaching.  When Carlos did eventually arrive the students preferred to be taught by Helio ... AND that's how Helio started his long and amazing teaching career.

Helio although he was very small he was a massive force to reckon with.  He could pull his weight in any fight and he also wasn’t scared to be beaten… as we all know the only true way to learn is to be defeated and then learn from it.

We at Gracie Jiu Jitsu Cape Town are going to celebrate his 'Great Wisdom' by having everyone join us in a 100 minute rolling session. For this day we are going old school, just like it was when James started, you rolled on day one class one. So belt level and experience isn’t important, all we want is as many people as we can on the mat rolling.  We will be doing it for fun so remember 'keep it playful'.  We also want to make it interesting so we will be doing things like blind folded rolling, one handed rolling, no handed, playful and real and many more weird things.

It will be during the MC class on Tues 1st October at 6:15pm. We will run over ten minutes making the combatives start ten minutes later and end ten minutes later

Hope to see you guys all there .... you don’t wanna miss out on this!!!!